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Purple Scout is a consulting company specialized in programming and problem-solving. We’re extraordinarily good at understanding what our customers truly need. Purple Scout’s superpower is our flexibility. As a customer, you can rest assured that our industry-leading consultants always will create the perfect solution for your projects. We use the techniques that are appropriate and needed at every given time. We have many successful projects with, for example, Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and we also have a DevOps team up and running.

Purple Scout is all about having fun at work. When Johan Strömhage and Kasper Aase started Purple Scout, above all, they wanted to have a job that felt great going to on Mondays (and all other work days of the week) – and that still applies. No more Sunday anxiety. Purple Scouters looks forward to going to work because we have fun at work. We see having fun at work, as the start of a good circle. In the clip below, we briefly explain how consultants having fun at work actually provide an added value for you as a customer.

A functioning overall approach

Purple Scout dared to take the front line and managed to quickly create productivity right out of the sales organization. It was valuable to us.

– Christoffer Bergman, SUZOHAPP

Cutting edge skills

The move to AWS has been a milestone for NODA and we could not have done it without the expertise of Purple Scout.

– Anders Persson, Noda

Knowledge outside the box

Purple Scout came to terms with a legal problem, that we did not see any solution to. It was very impressive!

– Åke Lernmark, Lund University Diabetes Center

Innovative partner

The important thing for us at Skanova is that Purple Scouts developers understand our business and quickly provide simple and effective solutions.

– Daniel Dahlbom, Skanova Networks Strategy


At Purple Scout, we know that DevOps is primarily about getting your team to work together towards a common goal. It is a challenge to offer standardized, repeatable and reliable processes that work equally well across all departments of the same company. But that’s where our DevOps experts get into the picture.

Big Data

Companies who find ways to take advantage of all their data will be both competitive and have the opportunity to develop their business in entirely new directions. But this requires high levels of competence, skills, and flexibility. At Purple Scout, we have teams with extensive experience working on long-term Big Data projects. We always work agile and close to our customers with data analysis.

AWS Cloud

With its nearly 1000 different services, AWS Cloud can feel nearly impossible to get an overview of. At Purple Scout, we help our customers on a daily basis to get a better view of the technology and costs of these services. Purple Scout is Standard Consulting Partner with Amazon AWS. Since 2012, we have been actively working with AWS Cloud.



Successful investment in Internet of Things, IoT, involves both a change in your company’s offer to your customers and a greater understanding of your own business. At Purple Scout, we always relate to how you work today and what you want to accomplish tomorrow.


To succeed with AI requires an understanding of what works as well as what is likely to go wrong. Start using your data not only to explain what has already happened but to make educated guesses about what will happen in the future.

Fullstack development

Purple Scout’s consultants are highly skilled at programming on everything from databases to app development. We offer everything from single hours programming to outsourced teams. Some of our strongest cards are Java, .NET, UX, JavaScript, App and Web Development, and Open Source.

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