Matteo Mazzanti

Purple philosopher

The full-stack Italian

Matteo Mazzanti first saw the day of light in 1975, that is also the same year as the Swedish rap musician, and actor Markoolio was born, the Swedish voting age was reduced from 20 to 18 years old, and Atari and Tele-Games released the first official home version of Pong.

He is born in Italy, Brescia but was brought up in Bologna. Before moving to Sweden, he lived in Barcelona for ten years. He now lives in an apartment in Kronprinsen, Malmö. Ever since March 2016, he has been a project manager, developer and tech lead at Purple Scout. Amongst other things, he has previously worked in Copenhagen as lead project manager and in Barcelona as a tech lead and freelancer.
– I moved to Sweden because I wanted to see something different. I wanted some nordic vibes.

Matteo is the kind of programmer that likes to come up with solutions.
– When there is a problem, I reshape the environment to affiliate a solution. I believe in changing the situation rather than in changing people.

This purple consultant has a Bachelor in Philosophy of Science and Logic and also has some training in agile methodology. Matteo is totally full-stack, he is our go-to-guy when it comes to agile facilitating and coaching, web development in general, pretty much all web services/online services and software as a service – SaaS.

He is a person who sees possibilities everywhere he looks.
– I keep doors open, and I like to change my opinion on what’s possible. Instead of saying no, it’s always a maybe.

Matteo aims to be passionate and want’s to show that he cares. Matteo doesn’t give up when things get challenging.
– I want to understand other people and an excellent way to do that is through passion.

He is a proactive person or rather an ultra-active person. He likes the feeling of being productive and proficient.
– I always want to exceed the expectations, and it’s important to me to come prepared.

In his spare time, Matteo has started a meetup group in Malmö for IT professionals interested in the “RAW” (Remote and Asynchronous Work) methodology and lifestyle. The group aims to let you meet other IT professionals and to give you the opportunity, to learn from each other on how to manage projects in different timetables. There has been a lot of interested people so far, and you are of course welcome to join in if you wish to

“If our brains were simple enough for us to understand them, we’d be so simple that we couldn’t.”

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