It's a purple job - and we're here to do it

Why choose purple?

Purple Scout is a consultancy with a lot of programmers who specialize in Open Source. We want our customers to take advantage of all the benefits that Open Source has to offer. In other words we help our clients by developing effective software. Our customers know that our industry leading Open Source experts will create the perfect solution for their projects. And our Purple Scouters know that we always listen to what they have to say and do our very best to create a good atmosphere at work. Purple Scout make it work and we have since 2004.


Purple Scout is all about having fun at work

When Johan and Kasper started Purple Scout, above all they really wanted to have a job that felt great going to on Mondays (and all other work days of the week) – and that still applies. No more Sunday anxiety. Purple Scouters look forward to going to work. Yup, we even like hanging out together so much that we often meet up after working hours. We have Oktoberfest celebrations, champagne tastings, geeky hackathons, ordinary After Works (with beer and a lot of nerdy code talking), parachuting, tech talks, lessons in swordsmanship and so on. Do you have a good idea for an AW? Is it purple? Let’s do it!

To enjoy the full Purple Scout experience, you need to be a true believer in Open Source, have a positive, stand up guy personality, be open minded, direct, honest, and really good at ping pong –  because we are!


Yes – we’re awesome

Lund, Sweden in around the years of 2005.
Inside the most secret parts of Ericsson, if you by any chance managed to get that far into the multinational telecommunication company’s heart at this time, you got to witness something that made people raise their eyebrows.

In the open plan office with subdued lighting, sat the 20-strong tools team, and around every Purple Scouter spread a purple glow. But the illuminated nameplates were hardly the only thing that drew attention to Purple Scouts renowned tools section at Ericsson.

Just the fact that Purple Scout, as a brand new company had been chosen to guide one of the largest industrial enterprises in the north, to move to an Open Source-based environment and moreover took the mission right under the big company TietoEnator’s nose.

It’s amazing what a little happy bravado and excellence in Eclipse can achieve.

Beijing, China in 2011
The time had come for Sony Ericsson to enter the Android market and the multinational company turned to Purple Scout to learn how to use Open Source. The buzz was heavy in the room that was filled with executives and senior programmers from Sony Ericsson (which is nowadays called Sony Mobile). But the silence lay once the experts on Open Source from the very purple company Purple Scout started providing the mobile whopper answers to the questions: What are the laws and regulations that apply to Open Source? How does an Open Source community work? How do you start earning money? And exactly how would Sony Ericsson introduce Open Source within the company? A total of 200 managers joined our training. Yeah… kinda awesome!


Gothenburg, Sweden 2010 – and still going strong
Bend your knees and stretch your arms upwards! Every full hour, an alarm sounds inside the Cube in the Gothenburg office, and the experts on Java EE, database technology, Linux, and GIS bounces up out of their office chairs to have an exercise break. Perhaps that is one of the secrets behind the last five successful years of work, tailoring a Business Intelligence System for a large telecom company.

”Skanova choose to use Purple Scout as our innovative partner in IT and decision support. The important thing for us at Skanova is that Purple Scouts developers understand our business and quickly provide simple and effective solutions. ”

Daniel Dahlbom

Skanova Networks Strategy

Somewhere about here in this bragging text about Purple Scout, it may be reasonable to make a list of all the major brands we’ve worked with. But we won’t do that, because that’s not what’s important, right? If you are still not confident that we’re the most personal, purple and happy bravado company there is, then let us know. And well win you over to the purple side. Wanna bet on it?

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