Skilled, purple and generally awesome

It’s the individuals that make Purple Scout the unique company it is.
We’re purple – and proud of it.

Purple Scout, a consultancy agenct specialized in programming and problem solving.

We are super skilled at understanding what our customers and also our consultants really need. Our main super power is our flexiblity. It makes us competitive for real. The consultants working for us is that special kind that can magically produce just the right solution for every specific task and project. We have several successful cases and project in anything from Big Data, IoT, AI, AWS and both backend and frontend development that show the amazing skills of our wizards.

How would like to get to know us? Here, on the web site there’s a lot of brains. On our social media there’s a lot more heart.

Check out our really fancy purple magazine!

Yup, you read that right – our own magazine! In Purple Overflow you can read even more about us. Our purple magazine is filled with little tidbits and articles written by our consultants!

Anything from what an ordinary day as a purple consultant look like, to how absolutely amazing one of our annual conferences can turn out. Nothing is secret – but everything is funny. Would you like it in its full printed glory? No problem – just contact us and we’ll make sure you get your own copy of our shiny high quality magazine.

Great reasons to want to work at Purple Scout

Engageged, knowledgeable and happy colleagues

At Purple Scout only the best of the best – with extra cheese on top – work. That is one of the main qualities to be able to identify as Purple. Another typically Purple trait is that we’re happy – and proud to be purple.

No mid level managers, crazy good benefits, work-life balance and straight shooting. No bulls**t.

We mix our hard work with a sound moment of chilling at the fussball table or the arcade game. Best of all – us Purplers enjoy hanging out with eachother even on our personal free time! Anything from beer brewing, hackathons, bar hopping, nerdy coding nights, sky diving, champagne tastings, cocktail nights, music quizzes and so much more. Sound nice? It is – and if you have a great idea of your own on what we could all do together and it’s fun – then we’ll just go ahead and do that! All of us.

Say goodbye to Sunday anxiety

When Johan Strömhage and Kasper Aase started the company in 2004 their main goal was that they wanted a job that they could look forward to go to evey morning. This is very much still true. All of us that work at Purple Scout honestly look forward to going to work – every day – because we really do have fun at work, and we really do have work-life balance.

We like all shades of purple! Read more of what we’re looking for right now or send off a spontaneous application and tell us all about you – we really do love that!

Augmented Reality is changing our lives as we speak

Augmented Reality is changing our lives as we speak

The AR technology is changing so rapidly that things that weren’t possible 6 months ago are possible today. Take Web-based AR as an example where we can now showcase AR directly from any smartphone browser without having to download a native app; this would have been impossible to do earlier. But why is this technology working so well and why should the world be interested in it?

A first class trip to the Cloud — while paying for coach

A first class trip to the Cloud — while paying for coach

In this article, I share my experience on what to think about before starting your journey to the Cloud — all the benefits, how to get started and what to think about during the process. I work mainly with solutions in AWS, but the concept also applies to other cloud suppliers.

Automatic Sharing and Loading RDS Snapshots Using Lambda

Automatic Sharing and Loading RDS Snapshots Using Lambda

We have a scenario where we have a production and a staging account. In these accounts, we have RDS databases deployed. The RDS is set up to create an automatic snapshot once a day. For testing and validation purposes we want to keep the data in the staging environment current we want to load the daily snapshot from the production account into the staging account.

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