Fullstack development

What do we mean with fullstack and what competencies do we possess?


Our consultants are very skilled at programming on everything from databases to app development. We offer everything from single hours programming to outsourced teams. Today, we have partners in Romania, Bulgaria, Vietnam and Italy.

We know most databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB and many more. Purple Scout also has competence in overlaying storage where application servers are often referred to as Apache, Tomcat, Turbine, Torque and JBoss to name a few.

When it comes to programming, our strongest card is Java. But many of our customers work with .NET and here on the web, you can read about several customer cases that contain to a large extent of .NET. – but we are stronger at Java, JavaScript and Open Source solutions.

Here at Purple Scout, we have a design team and we have our own UX designers who can also program. Given that we also offer app- and web development we think that we can call ourselves fullstack for real. We make apps in Android Java, Objective-C, React Native, Xamarin and Appcelerator to name a few. We build interactive portals in PHP, JavaScript (React.js and AngularJS for example).

We can meet all price levels and specialist levels, but our talented consultants are sought after so we don’t always have the right person available. When that happens we usually propose a combination of a talented consultant that receives support from one of our gurus. Our ambition is to have two gurus in every specialist area and to not have them fully coated.


Purple Scouts keywords are openness and honesty, if you are wondering about something you can’t find the answers to here, ask us! We don’t always answer “We can do it!” as many of our competitors do, but if we answer “We can do it!”, then we can do it for real.

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