E-commerce is more than just a shopping basket

Purple Scout understands and has the right experience for your e-commerce project. Since 2012 we’ve been working with e-commerce solutions and have tons of experience in the field. We help our clients build or optimize entire e-commerce solutions, or just part of them – which ever is needed. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey – we deliver what you need.

Smart solutions – always

At Purple Scout we always give it all – and add purple. We’re used to setting priorities straight and get the functions features and tools set up that we know are the best. There’s never a shortage of ideas from our clients, but we ensure the road to realize those is by creating a stable and secure solution to help increase revenue. We make sure you can grow and further develop your e-commerce soltions withou hazzles.

Time for analysis and optimization

After a thorough analysis of your entire setup and processes we get a crystal clear picture (much like 8K really) of what the next step should be and how to make this better. Do you have too many tools in your toolbox? Do you maybe have two systems that do just the same? Many companies build a “technical debt” that hold them back and this is where we shine bright. We will help you figure it out and our datacrunch-gurus will use your existing data and make wonders for you trip into the future. Sadly there’s no DeLorian involved…

Competence center

Do you need a partner to lean on for advice in your e-commerce project? Our top notch experts will guide you through analysis, decisions and digitala processeses. It’s not just our developers that are great at e-commerce, but also our project managers and sales team that all have a long history in the business. Simply put – we all know e-commerce. With an insanely competent team like this we get started in no-time and we quickly become a tight knit part of your team.

Development for

Better customer experiences

Regardless of where you are on your journey we can and will be happy to help you. For a start-up it can be to build an entire system and processes from the ground up, while an established player might just need a partner to bounce ideas off… or on…  

Through our E-commerce Competence Center you get access to an entire smörgåsbord of knowledge. We’re like the oyster to your champagne – simply a necessity. The E-commerce team do this on a daily basis. They live for e-commerce and are used to handle huge transaction volumes, a multitude of e-commerce platforms and of course know all the latest techniques and services.

Seamless shopping

We will guide you through the swing doors

In the e-commerce sector seamless shopping has been on everybody’s mind since 2013, but many still haven’t quite made it. We have a deep understanding, and lots of experience, for the entire process, from sourcing products and doing marketing to the customer experience and the logistics in delivery to the buyer.

Let’s take your solution to the next level, highly scalable, cost efficient and to a really great customer experience. 

More than empty words

Our method is tried and true

To build a truly successful e-commerce solution no matter the size, it’s not a question of how many smart systems you have but rather how great a plan to implement an integrate them you have. Also – what happens next? What’s the future vision? We take all this into consideration and won’t leave you hanging just because you launched your solution. We will help you build for the future and we do this by using our tried and true project model.




Further development

Further development

The evolution of your platform

We truly live for optimizations and the development of e-commerce solutions. We don’t just do system integrations or process optimization – we also help you get ready for the next step and your bright future in e-commerce. Contact us for a chat and we’ll set up a no-strings-attached meeting.

I’m the one to talk to if you want to discuss how Purple Scout can help you best grow and evolve in your e-commerce endevours. Fill out the form here or e-mail me directly at ecommerce@purplescout.se

Helena Bragée

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