Big Data

Data is unequivocally the currency in our digital world and we at Purple Scout know that you as entrepreneurs struggle to find ways to make better use of your data


Anyone who finds ways to take advantage of all their data becomes both competitive and has the opportunity to develop in completely new directions. But this demands competence, knowledge and flexibility.

At Purple Scout, we have a team with great experience in working on long-term Big Data projects. We always work agile and close to our customers with data analysis. Purple Scouts working methods are characterized by frequent deliveries in small increments. This leads to reduced risks in the projects, short feedback loops and immediate business benefits. We have saved our consumers a lot of money and trouble.


Business Intelligence, data-driven decisions and decision support was terms previously associated with big companies


Cloud services have made it easy to get started with data analysis, big investments in hardware and licenses for software are no longer needed. With a few keystrokes, you as a company get access to the same tools as the internet giants use and you only pay for the capacity that you need.

Big Data will continue to grow. Internet of Things (IoT), mobile phones, social media and pure business data drive development towards larger amounts of data. Let us at Purple become your partner, we help you exploit the full potential of your data.


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