Specialists in programming and problem solving

Purple Scout make things work, since 2014 

Purple Scout is a consultancy firm that specializes in programming and problem solving. We are genuinly good at understanding what our customers really need. Purple Scouts super power is our flexibility, it makes us really compatible. You can rest assure that our top consultants will always strive to create the best solution for you projects. We use the techniques that we see fit and that will give you most value. We have many successful projects within Big Data, E-commerce, AR & VR, and we also have a very highly skilled and experienced AWS-team. 

Basically, Purple Scout is all about having fun at work. When Johan Strömhage and Kasper Aase started the company they first and foremost wanted it to be fun to go to work – and that still applies. No more Sunday anxiety. Purple peeps look forward going to work, since we have fun at work. This is the way to keep our consultants happy and create a work place that we are proud of.

We explain how it works and why fun at work gives  you, our customer, even more value – doesn’t that sound exciting!

A functional holistic approach

Purple Scout dared to take the front line and quickly managed to create productivity right into the sales organization. That was valuable to us. 

– Christoffer Bergman, SUZOHAPP

Cloud competence

The move to AWS has been a milestone for Noda and we wouln’t have made it without Purple Scouts competence and expertise. 

– Anders Persson, Noda

Knowledge outside the box

Purple Scout solved a legal problem that we couldn’t see a solution to. That was very impressive! 

– Åke Lernmark, Lund University Diabetes Center

Understanding and a holistic view

It is impartant to us at Skanova that Purple Scouts developers understand our business and quickly can se simple and effective solutions.

-Daniel Dahlbom, Skanova Nätverksstrategi

Knowledge that gives energy

Purple Scout gives ONE Nordic new power with AWS

Why haven’t we done this earlier? That question did ONE Nordic ask themselves while moving business-critical data from the server hall
to the cloud. Purple Scout helped the company to migrate without creating a
slightest ripple on the surface when it comes to operations. A mission
characterized by trust.

Purple Scout gives COOP Danmark educational

Staff care 2.0

COOP in Denmark teaches their youngest employees how to lift right in order not to get hurt – and it is done on the terms of the recipient. A digital information campaign helps to reduce the accidents by 25 percent.

AWS Cloud

With over 160 different services, AWS Cloud can feel almost overwhelming. At Purple Scout, we daily help our customers with getting an overview of the technologies best suited for them, as well as costs for the services. 

Fullstack development

Purple Scout’s consultants are very skilled in programming anything from databases to application development. We offer everything from single hours of programming to entire outsourced teams. Some of our strongest areas are AWS, Java, .NET, Javascript and so much more.


We have only come to see a very little part of the enormous potential found in AR and VR. In the next few years entire new worlds will open up to us through the near endless possiblities that AR and VR presents. Purple Scout already have several customer cases that show the great possiblities and innovative ways to use 3D and XR in several different industries.


At Purple Scout we know that DevOps above all is about making your team work together towards the same goal. It is a challenge to offer truly standardized, repeatable and reliable processes that work equally well in all departments at one company. But this is where our DevOps expert come in to help build not only the processes and the workflow but also to build the understanding of both how and why.


Which experience do you want to give your customers when they visit your web site or when they use your app? What is it that you want your users to do? We design anything from mobile apps, web pages and applications that are both visually attractive and has a great user experience. To us, design is as much about creating a visual experience as creating a usable interface, regardless of the use case.


A well made investment in Internet of Things, IoT, means not only a change in your company’s offer to your clients but also a greater understanding of your own business. At Purple Scout we look at how you work today and what you wish to accomplish tomorrow – and then we help you navigate the right path.

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