Purple Scout makes things work

...since 2004

We are insanely good at cloud

Cloud solutions are becoming more and more common for many companies, but why settle for common when you can get a five star luxury model? That’s how work – we know AWS Cloud – we eat, sleep and mix wonderful AWS cocktails that result in stable and scalable solutions, ready for the future. And what’s more we can even take care of all the boring maintenance and surveillance for you.

Cloud Migration

To move your entire, or parts of it, infrastructure and servers or applications to the cloud requires a lot of planning, knowledge and the right people. Our AWS certified consultants and experts help you all the way to the finish line.

Next Step Cloud Adoption

Just because you move your servers and applications from on-prem to the cloud, your journey doesn’t end. A cloud solution has so much more to offer and can optimize both costs, performance and function.

Cloud Advisory

Do you need a partner to lean on as an adviser in your solutions? One of our strengths is our experienced certified experts that can lead you through decisions and calculations. Everything from TCO to future development.

Cloud Architects

With our AWS Certified Solutions Architects by your side, you can rest assure that you have the right team to plan, build and maintain your solutions – big or small. We breathe, eat and drink AWS!

Spatial Computing – AR/VR/MR

Augmented Reality gives you the possibility to experience and interact digitally with things that doesn’t actually exist in realirty. With the aid of AR (3D-modelled objects and environments) you can enhance the reaility we live in and add an extra layer to your life. By using these techniques you can build solutions that visualize how a planned environment or constraction will be experienced in just about any setting – heavy industries or fin surgery. AR and VR can also be used in teaching and education. There is simply no limits in which areas we can create new exciting and enticing experiences.

Specialists in e-commerce – and then some

We’re not just excellent programmers, designers or system architects – we also have a great team of e-commerce specialists that really know what matters and makes a difference to get both large and small e-commerce investment to pay off.

The recipe for a successful project

For a project, no matter how simple or complex, to be successful and yield good results it need not only be well planned but also impeccably implemented. It doesn’t end there though, not when we are involved. We make sure there’s also a vision and a plan for the future and what the next step will be, ensuring a future proof solution and great return of investment.




Further development

You know what’s even better? We’re super talented in so much more!



At Purple Scout we know that DevOps above all is about making your team work together towards the same goal. It is a challenge to offer truly standardized, repeatable and reliable processes that work equally well in all departments at one company. But this is where our DevOps expert come in to help build not only the processes and the workflow but also to build the understanding of both how and why.


Which experience do you want to give your customers when they visit your web site or when they use your app? What is it that you want your users to do? We design anything from mobile apps, web pages and applications that are both visually attractive and has a great user experience. To us, design is as much about creating a visual experience as creating a usable interface, regardless of the use case.

Fullstack development

Purple Scout’s consultants are very skilled in programming anything from databases to application development. We offer everything from single hours of programming to entire outsourced teams. Some of our strongest areas are AWS, Java, .NET, Javascript and so much more.

Working at Purple Scout has its perks!

Engagaged, knowledgeable and happy colleagues

At Purple Scout only the best of the best – with extra cheese on top – work. That is one of the main qualities to be able to identify as Purple. Another typically Purple trait is that we’re happy – and proud to be purple.

No mid level managers, crazy good benefits, work-life balance and straight shooting. No bulls**t.

We mix our hard work with a sound moment of chilling at the fussball table or the arcade game. Best of all – us Purplers enjoy hanging out with eachother even on our personal free time! Anything from beer brewing, hackathons, bar hopping, nerdy coding nights, sky diving, champagne tastings, cocktail nights, music quizzes and so much more. Sound nice? It is – and if you have a great idea of your own on what we could all do together and it’s fun – then we’ll just go ahead and do that! All of us.

Say goodbye to Sunday anxiety

When Johan Strömhage and Kasper Aase started the company in 2004 their main goal was that they wanted a job that they could look forward to go to evey morning. This is very much still true. All of us that work at Purple Scout honestly look forward to going to work – every day – because we really do have fun at work, and we really do have work-life balance.

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