Purple Scout show MultiQ the value of purple loyalty

Helena Bendz
Regional Manager Malmö

A technical one-stop-shop

For nearly a decade has MultiQ picked competence-raisins from the Purple Scout cookie to boost their team. It is shown to be a successful business strategy. Today successful product development is conducted, where collaborations in symbiosis create tailwinds for everyone involved.

– By hiring Purple Scout, we get ideas and best practices from the industry as a whole, but also valuable experiences from similar projects, says Martin Sjöbeck, CTO at MultiQ

– We have a deep understanding of MultiQ and can see new opportunities within our areas of competence, says Helena Bendz, regional manager at Purple Scout.

Alone is strong. Not

MultiQ has understood the business benefits of good collaborations. Today the company is a leading nordic actor within digital signage and custom monitors. Whether you are sitting on a bus, visiting a gaming agent, strolling around a store or shopping in the city, there is a high probability that the screens with pictures and information are delivered by MultiQ.

Purple Scout has become one of their largest suppliers. Helena Bendz describes the collaboration as a boost for both parties, where Purple Scout has made a technical journey together with MultiQ for many years.

– It’s not really that we train our consultants to suit MultiQ. But almost.

Development without frills

There are big wins with shopping a lot of know-how at the same place, for a long time. On one hand, Purple Scout has a deep understanding of how MultiQ works. On the other hand, trust has been built up over the years, which gives you the courage to say yes to each other and trust that everything can be solved. It does not only cut the thresholds for every new project – but it also saves time and costs.

– We benefit from Purple Scouts skills regularly – to even out the load and to manage peaks, explains Martin Sjöbeck and emphasizes that long-term cooperation helps to reduce the starting distance and to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Helena Bendz agrees.

– We know how MultiQ works, know the products well and remember how we did last time. It makes the job efficient and smooth.

Bird, fish and in between

When the collaboration began, it was mainly about embedded assessments. Over the years the demand has broadened in all directions, and Purple Scout supports the team at MultiQ with everything from app development and Ux-design to the development of advanced cloud services via AWS. As a certified AWS partner, Purple Scout assumes both the role of adviser and as support for the critical move up to the cloud.

– We have gotten used to the fact that the consultants from Purple Scout keep high quality. The competence lines up perfectly with our solutions, says Martin Sjöbeck.

– We really deliver EVERYTHING we are good at to the same customer. MultiQ uses our core competencies in an exemplary manner, in both short and long assignments, says Helena Bendz, and emphasizes another important advantage with this approach. 

– To hire a consultant from us always means a commitment from the entire team. Many of our developers have had contact with MultiQ, and so far there is no challenge we have not been able to solve together.

The purple loyalty

This points to another strength, as desirable as difficult to value in kronor and ören – the feeling of loyalty. When that exists you want to give everything in every situation, which is important, not just for high-performance consultants, says Helena Bendz.

– MultiQ is a popular customer with us, nobody wants to sit on the bench when it’s time for new missions. Everyone wants to be involved and contribute to the success.

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