Purple Scout helps SUZO­HAPP save an important product launch

To the left in the picture, Matteo Mazzanti, project manager and lead tech at Purple Scout, to the right, Purple Scout colleague Per Allard. 

An Italian winning machine

American SUZOHAPP delivers cash handling and self-services machines to over 25 000 customers around the world. When an important product launch in Italy is being threatened, Purple Scout helps to steer the developing process in the right direction. A mission that requires both heart and brain. 


SUZOHAPP has a successful strategy – to become the world leader in their area. With customers from both the banking world, retail and the gaming industry, the requirements are sky-high – both on hardware and software. SUZOHAPP acquires local companies that are visionaries in their respective countries, and the Swedish SCAN COIN is one of them. The strategy goes like clockwork.


Another acquisition is an Italian company that, among other things, creates payment machines for car washes. When a new upgraded model is to be launched under the new owner’s wings, the software needs to advance according to an ambitious wish list. Even if you have come a long way, the process is facing an acute problem. The competence is in its way to leave the company and there is a lack of sufficient transparency in the project. At the same time, the launch is approaching. 


A technical crossroad

Christoffer Bergman is the Vice President of Software Engineering at SUZOHAPP in Sweden (earlier SCAN COIN). He is assigned to lead the Italian software development in the right direction, and take the upcoming launch to port. When he seeks reinforcement at Purple Scout, he finds both the competence that is needed – and a team that speaks Italian.

When we turned to Purple Scout, we did not only need an extra resource – we needed someone with the ability to meet a complex demand in a really short time, explains Christoffer Bergman.

The team first

Matteo Mazzanti is an experienced project manager and lead tech at Purple Scout. He is not only Italian but also a passionate ambassador for agile work and SCRUM. The merit list also includes a degree in Philosophy of Science and Logic. 

He saw that the challenges in Italy were rooted in project management rather than technology. And it was best to focus on the team first – then the product.

The key to success was to create a team with one common goal, he explains and emphasizes the importance of, at the same time, contributing with energy to the group and having fun together along the journey.

We saw to that working closely together with the developers in Italy, but also with the employees in the factories around Italy and Poland. We managed to convince everyone that they had an important role in the team, says Matteo Mazzanti.

Christoffer Bergman agrees that Purple Scout contributed to a positive driving force:

When you take over a product, there may be a risk of a bad mood. But Purple Scout dared to take the front line and quickly managed to create productivity all the way to the sales organization. That was valuable for us.


SCRUM all the way

According to SUZOHAPPS wishes, Purple Scout presented a new project model with full transparency, so that the developers fully understood the needs.

– We are used to SCRUM here but in Italy, that was new, says Christoffer Bergman and remembers the threshold that met resistance at first:

– To work agile with short sprints became a new way of thinking, but when the benefits became clear, it was quick to adapt.

Matteo Mazzanti confirms the good collaboration:

– Through agile work, we did not only have the opportunity to stabilize the software quickly, but we also succeeded in creating a good product which could be sold, he says and adds that all commercial software was replaced with C++ and development in Ubuntu and that all tools from now on are open source.




SUZOHAPP is happy to launch a good product on time. They appreciate Purple Scout’s will to do a good job in a challenging situation with short timeframes. 

– Purple Scout managed to take over the project, take good care of it and get the product out on time, says Christoffer Bergman.

– – The most valuable to us when it comes to the collaboration with Purple Scout is that they could deliver it as a whole.

Today the development works well in Italy. Both team and software are stable. Purple Scout has also gained trust to help SUZUHAPP lead more development projects around the world – and build strong teams.

– At Purple Scout we are proud to be a positive driving force that helps to take the development in the right directions – at a fast pace, Matteo Mazzanti concludes. A guaranteed winning machine.

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