Purple Scout gives ONE Nordic more screen-time

Markus Bergkvist from Purple Scout and Mattias Sjöberg at ONE Nordics.

One app to rule them all

This should be in an app! Most people have probably had that thought at some point. ONE Nordic went from thought to act together with Purple Scout, and today, a very own Android app makes life much easier.

– More and more companies realize the business benefits of building internal tools directly in the employees’ cell phones. Android is a stable platform, and the users know instinctively how to handle the equipment, says Markus Bergkvist, developer at Purple Scout.
–  The fact that we have an app that can handle many different customer protocols creates competitiveness. At the same time we only have one software to maintain, which saves money, says Mattias Sjöberg, system administrator at ONE Nordic Measurement technology.

Technical simultaneous ability

ONE Nordic Measurement technology collects hundreds of measured values from different energy companies every day. The electricity meters are located in everything from households to the biggest industries, and the values controlled both operational measures and billing. In other words – no numbers may be wrong.

If there is no measured value, a field technician goes out on-site and reads it by hand. Here suddenly occurs a challenge with a perfect fit for Purple Scout.


The dream of an app

The electricity meter’s protocol had been modernized and the reading equipment based on Windows CE could not be updated at the same rate. The technology hit the roof.

– Outdated technology created the need to lift the platform. A new, future safe, solution in the form of an app naturally felt like the next step, says Mattias Sjöberg.

– A specially developed Android app is easy to handle and gets downloaded directly to the technician’s cell phones. When new protocols become relevant, the app is updated. That makes it easy to say yes to new customers, says Markus Bergkvist.

An eye for communication

The Android app communicates with the electricity meter on-site using an optical eye. The technician attaches the eye directly to the meter using a magnet. The reading takes place with a serial optical interface. Everything is done wireless via Bluetooth.

– The app dumps the meter on all measurement data and enters it into the system automatically. That’s why the app has got the name DUMPA, says Markus Bergkvist, and explains that the development has taken place in the programming language Kotlin in an open Java environment.

– It’s good to know a lot of programming languages if you as a developer want to develop. It also feels challenging and fun to work with a low-level protocol in this way.


Hundred percent a piece of cake

The app lives in complete symbiosis with ONE Nordics automated system, which means that the field technician no longer needs to keep track of details at every matter. All that is required is to find the right meter, attach the optical eye and press a button. DUMPA reads all data automatically.

– It simplifies immensely for the staff. It will be easy to do a good job, says Markus Bergkvist.

– Where you can simplify, you should simplify! Everyone has a cell phone, and now, our technicians don’t have to carry an extra piece of hardware in the field, says Mattias Sjöberg and explains that it also was possible to scale down the back-end.

– The development costs have quickly been earned. DUMPA reduces sorcerers of error and creates a better flow – the whole chain benefits from it!


Extraordinary up to date

Mattias Sjöberg thinks it feels safe to come up with a future-proof solution. The collaboration with Purple Scout has worked smoothly.

– It feels good with developers who are up to date with the technology we use and can see what opportunities there are. Then we can focus on our own core business.

– The possibilities are endless in the Android environment. You can create similar tools, and with an app, you get a lot of network communication for the money, concludes Markus Bergkvist.

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