Purple Scout gives COOP Danmark educational tools

Niels Østergaard, Creative Director at Purple Scout.

Staff care 2.0

COOP in Denmark teaches their youngest employees how to lift right to not get hurt – and you do it on the terms of the recipient. A digital information campaign helps reduce accidents by 25 percent.

Thomas Hermann is the Head of Health and Safety at COOP Denmark A/S. With overall responsibility for the work environment at a concern with over 1100 stores, is his mission just as important as it is wide.


Half of the employees at COOP in Denmark are young people under the age of 18, who do extra work in their spare time. The staff turnover is large – about 2000 new young people are hired every month. Research shows that their unawareness of the risk of injury is high, which means additional challenges to an engaged work environment manager.

“Employees under the age of 18 focuses primarily on school, then on leisure activities and lastly on the extra job. How do we reach out with safety instructions to staff who have work as a third priority?”

Thomas realizes that the mandatory training that works for the adult – that is, practical instructions and a printed folder – needs to be supplemented with information for the young. The result will be a digital information campaign with one important purpose – to spare young backs and knees.

“For this, we are looking for a supplier that can convert our needs to effective and educational digital tools. We found the right creative team at Purple Scout”, explains Thomas.


In close dialogue with COOP does Purple Scout develop an information campaign about lifting techniques aimed at the young employees, it also works as a tool for the older employees to train new staff. The campaign is based on informative 3D animations and an app with a modern look – CoopUng –  that makes the information accessible via your mobile phone.

“To make the animations accessible at the morning meeting and in the employees’ mobile phones is successful. The positive effect on the young people’s behavior is distinct,” says Niels Østergaard, Creative Director at Purple Scout.

The animated coworker in the app is called Mikkel. He also has a profile on Facebook that, at launch, is used to spread the campaign in the company’s intern Facebook group.

“This is a simple but effective way to introduce the campaign. The goal is to create attention quickly amongst the young employees,” says Niels.

Purple Scout also visits the stores to get a better understanding of how the workplaces work. The users can choose between five different formats of the store in the app – and dress Mikkel in their own work shirt. It turned out to be of great importance for the breakthrough.

”Purple Scout are good at seeing customer needs and challenge us. That is important for us. We know all about the working environment, but nothing about building an app,” says Thomas.


Today COOP works strategically to create a safer work environment. In addition to avoiding suffering,  it offers enormous saving potential. Each prevented accident saves an average of 30 000 danish kroner.

“The number of accidents has decreased by 25 percent, and the information campaign is a major contributing factor to this. Our insurance costs have decreased by 25 percent which is a huge saving,” he says, satisfied.

He also appreciates that there is control over the economy within the project. Unexpected costs during the work are, of course, nothing you would want.

“We have had a really good dialogue about what we want and what costs it entails. It has worked excellently with Purple Scout. We knew they could do it!”

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