Serverless Computing and applications

Secure both business and technical advantages with serverless solutions at AWS and run powerful applications without thinking about the servers. Increased stability, security and less costs are just some of the advantages.

Why should you build a serverless solution?

Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about the servers. Serverless applications do not demand that you provide, scale and maintain the servers, but instead, everything needed to run and scale the application for high availability and reliability is simply handled for you.

No server management

There is no longer a need to provision or administrate any servers. No software or runtime needs to be installed, maintained or administrated. Less work, but more efficient.

Flexible scalability

Your application will scale automatically or by controlling the parameters that characterize your application, that could be a memory or another capacity, instead of affecting entire servers.

High availability

Serverless applications have built-in availability and field tolerance. You do not need to build architecture for this as the AWS services that run the applications provide it as standard.

No expensive redundant capacity

Don’t pay for oversized servers that don’t work! If your code is not running – then you do not pay anything. So, it’s over with pre- and over-commissioning of servers “for security reasons”. Much more cost-efficient!

At Purple Scout, we know serverless by heart. We have a broad knowledge and experience of both big and small solutions and we are happy to help you build your own.

It’s me you should talk to if you want to discuss further about how we at Purple Scout can, in the best way, help your move or further development within AWS. Fill in the form on this page or email me directly on Markus Hartsmar, AWS Sales and Partner Lead

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