At Purple Scout, we know that DevOps, above all, is about getting  your team to work together towards a common goal, as one seamless organization.

Our experienced DevOps team doesn’t want to sell unnecessary, complicated and expensive tool solutions. It will probably only complicate your life instead of solving even half of your existing problems.

It is a challenge to offer standardized, repeatable and reliable processes that work just as well in every department at a company. But that is where our DevOps experts come into the picture.

They are skilled at identifying what your company needs by interviewing every single person in your product developing cycle in-depth. From the interviews, our DevOps team will give you customized advice on how to get started with your DevOps work. Our goal is to ensure that your team continuously delivers software and easily adjusts to the market’s demands.

We believe that DevOps is an absolute must in every agile team, and we are here to help you with:

  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous surveillance

Our DevOps team’s favorite tool – different techniques.

Purple cloud migration

Whether you need a team to work with a Cloud Migration project, or just need advice about Cloud Computing locally on-site using Kubernetes, we are available to help you move your services to the cloud. We are an official AWS-partner and big fans of Kubernetes.

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