The CEO who knows the name of all his employees

av | sep 26, 2019

Hi there Johan Strömhage, founder, owner, and CEO of Purple Scout since 2004. 

What sets Purple Scout apart from all other consulting firms?

– I would say it is the family feeling, amidst us, you can be open and honest, and people have no problem standing up for what they think and feel. We have a beautiful and straightforward culture, and when we say that we mean it, there is no frivolity.

We are over 60 employees in the company now, can you name all the Purple Scouters?

– Yes, I can. I also know if they are married or not, how many children they have, and approximately how old the children are.

There are four Purple Scout offices, do all the offices work with the same thing?

– Both yes and no. All offices are specialists in programming and problem-solving. The various skills spread across our offices, make sure we, as a company, offer a complete package. In Gothenburg, we work a lot with Big Data, AI, and machine learning, while Borås is very knowledgeable in cloud solutions, DevOps , back-end , and e-commerce.

The Copenhagen office has expanded our expertise in AR/VR, apps, UI/UX, and graphics/design. In Malmö, where everything once started, we are a bit more all-around artists; we have people who work with both front-end and back-end, heavy programming.

How do you want an employee of Purple Scout to feel when going to work?

– I want them to feel the urge to go there, that they know that there are some delightful technical challenges to sink their teeth in when they get there. And that they know that they work with helpful colleagues that they feel they can ask about things, without it being weird. Basically, I want technically interested and hungry employees who find joy in going to work. Fun at work is Purple Scout’s vision; it may not be possible to meet precisely every day. But 90 percent of the time, it should feel fun going to work. Otherwise, something needs to be changed. Fun at work is nothing we joke about because it benefits both employees and customers.


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